Welcome!  I am a Pittsburgh area composer, music engraver, and orchestrator.  I am on staff at both Point Park University and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre as piano accompanist; I hold a piano studio at The Melody Shop; and I work as music director and pianist for Reconciliation Anglican Church.  

I hold a degree in music composition from Duquesne University, and I have studied classical piano since the age of five.

In the past, I have used this site to run a small business in music transcription, notation and orchestrating.  Praise God; at this point, my client base has grown so large and musically active that I am always kept busy without actively seeking more clientele!  My turnaround time for all new projects is quite slow.  However, I have sincerely enjoyed the opportunity to work with musicians from all walks of life; if you think I am the best person for your particular job, please don't hesitate to contact me.